jueves, 6 de mayo de 2010


Disidente, adaptación de Dissident, de Pearl Jam. Publicado en la edición #57 del periódico El Libertario, Caracas, Vzla.

El vocalista Eddie Vedder sobre Dissident:

" In Dissident, I'm actually talking about a woman who takes in someone who's being sought after by the authorities for political reasons. He's on the run, and she offers him a refuge. But she just can't handle the responsibility. She turns him in, then she has to live with the guilt and the realization that she's betrayed the one thing that gave her life meaning. It made her life difficult. It made her life hell. But it gave her a reason to be. But she couldn't hold on. She folded. That's the tragedy of the song."

( En Disidente, en realidad estoy hablando de una mujer que acoge a alguien que está siendo buscado por las autoridades por razones políticas. El se está fugando y ella le ofrece un refugio. Pero ella